What is in your view the best APS-C SLT model ?

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Re: What is in your view the best APS-C SLT model ?

ValeryD wrote:

stol2004 wrote:

PPl who have no idea about mp will blame the camera ofc. you can't compare 24 mp with 16mp . If you would see the raw file of an 35mp D800 you would still think your 16mp is better low light performer . I don't think a person with some knowledge in photography would claim that a57 is better than a77 . these new digital cameras they don't have more mp so you can pixel peep on monitor! they are made so the pictures look better Printed out . Till iso 6400 I have no fear with my a77( images are sharp ) . starting with iso 1600 3200 the RAW-s on a57 / a37 are not sharp anymore! I don't talk to you about the utility of focus points ... that's a different story .

Good that you sold the a77 , it deserve better

You right! And noise, noise from 24mp a77. LOL Do not compare a77 with the full frame nice camera as Nikon D800! I know one internet site, some people call it "dpreview" there You can easily compare the cameras and tell the administration they do somthing wrong LOL, you know about the photography way more!!! LOL

And i know a better site than that. My eyes. I have an A77 and a D800 and be assured, noise levels are no that different when looking até 100%. Of course if i down sample the D800 36Mp to 24 and compare to the A77 the D800 is better. But still i often use more the A77. It focus better and it`s live view and tilting screen is a must when shooting parades and events with lots of things happening around you. With the A77 i can shoot fast from different angles and see wath i`m doing. With the D800 i can not

Stop looking at tests online and start testing yourself your equipment. If your shooting with Sony, you are not shooting with Nikon por Canon. Holpe you understant what i mean

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