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Re: Moderator Note : For the record

I don't know specifically what all moderators do and specific instances will always have exceptions, but AFAIK we generally try to inform the member involved why actions are taken.

> It also would likely promote more civil responses from the user and create useful dialog.

Firstly moderators are not obliged to enter a dialog.  It's not a democracy and people need to stop trying to convince themselves it is.  Moderators are there to make decisions which are not, practically by definition, going to be popular or agreed with by the people on the receiving end.

For example, anyone under the impression that someone whose post has been deleted for trolling is going to engage in a useful dialog with a moderator is, I can tell you from personal experience, going to get a rude awakening.

In any case, as a matter of practical reality volunteer moderators do not have the time to litigate their way through endless pseudo-legal claptrap that we do indeed get from members determined to change our minds.

This isn't court, we're not judges and you're not lawyers.  We're moderators and we make decisions based on our common sense interpretation of rules.  Don't like those decisions ?  Take it up with the Admins via Feedback.

That's how it works.  Simple.

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