Brand New D800E Autofocus Problem...What's Your Opinion?

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Re: Brand New D800E Autofocus Problem...What's Your Opinion?

digital ed wrote:

AtomicPunk wrote:

digital ed wrote:

I'm tired of looking at test photos.

I'm tired of Nikon putting out crap like this. Already over a year since this cameras release and we still see the left AF problem. That is basically unacceptable. I had a release D800 and I had to send it to Nikon 3 times to get the focus right. Send this body back. Keep sending them back until they send you one that works properly. of the times my camera came back from Nikon it was filthy inside. Had to go back to just clean out the crap they left in it.

After I did a proper AF Fine Tune I have had no focus problems with any of my lens on my D800.

So...are you saying that if the original poster and I did a proper AF fine tune, we wouldnt have this problem?  If clearly dont understand the problem.  Not only that...when my camera was returned from Nikon, I didn't need a single AF adjustment on any of my lenses.  I didnt need to adjust them on my D4 either.  The D800 was the problem and needed calibrated at a nIkon facility. The problem cant be fixed with any kind of AF fine tune and it is really BS that Nikon has repaired many of these in their facilities, but yet they keep on releasing them with the problem. Because it is probably cheaper to fix on a case by case basis instead of taking the time to do it right on the assembly line.  I recently sold my 800 and will be getting a 800e....If there is any evidence of this focus issue, I will keep sending body after body back until the retailer either tells me they wont send any more or they send me one that works correctly.

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