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Re: Moderator Note : For the record

sjgcit wrote:

You appreciate that I'm not going to be drawn into specifics.

I'm simply acknowledging that actions have been taken by moderators rather than leaving the impression that none are.

There is always going to be a gray area where moderators regard something as being too a rule breach and posters regard it as being fine.  Moderators, however, make the decision.  That's just how it works.  The correct way for any member who feels wronged by any decision to try and correct that is to use Feedback to contact the Administrators.  Strangely some people refuse to do this.  That's their problem, not ours.  A few people have tried to make it our problem.  There's only going to be one looser in such a fight.  That's just common sense.

Thankfully the vast majority of members don't even experience moderator action, and most of those that do are reasonable - unhappy, but reasonable.

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Again, this is why if an action is being moderated it is the duty of the moderator to cite the specific rule that is in violation and how the user violated that rule. This would lead to more consistent moderation and would probably prevent some of the "feels wronged" by members at large. It also would likely promote more civil responses from the user and create useful dialog.

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