My God, its so hard to decide!

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Re: My God, its so hard to decide!

Kirppu wrote:

I would start with magic trio...

That's a good place to start. The first question I ask myself is... do I really need yet 'another' camera? In the digital age, the temptation to want another camera is ever present. Unlike film, digital camera specs gets better and better and the innovations are nonstop. Most people who are into photography stay up to date with what's new because it is all very cool and interesting. It's no wonder some of us become gear heads / go through phases of gear acquisition... So if I don't really need a new camera, I may be able to dismiss the temptation.

However, needs can change because you want to explore a different style photography. Say you want to take up street photography but you're not comfortable taking pictures of strangers. You find out from others who have felt same way that having an articulating screen makes things easier. Your current camera doesn't have one, so now that you have determined a perceived need and potential solution, you can figure out your budget and begin that quest for a new camera.

Over the course of time you may end up with a few more cameras than you ever thought you'd own, but if each one can do something you want that the others cannot do, that's okay. If there is overlap, you might want to think about eliminating the redundancy..

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