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Re: Proof is in the eating

Erik Magnuson wrote:

John Marsh wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

............. What members/readers need is accountability.

Accountability owed to readers should be directly proportional to the price they pay for the service.

Users pay in page views - that's what DPR has to sell to advertisers. So the questions would be:

  • Since moderation began, are forum page views up or down? Total or as a percentage of traffic?
  • Are the page views becoming more or less valuable? E.g. are new users/lurkers reading more or less? Are "contributor/senior/pro" users reading more or less?

DPR will run the site they want to run. Most likely they will tend towards the options that produce more income in the longer term, but there are other factors. As an extreme example, allowing nude photos could increase total page views but it might decrease the market value of those views. Or it might just turn the site into something the current management/employees don't want to be associated with even if it makes more money.

A cardiologist tells his patient that the only remaining hope is for a heart transplant. Trusting the expert's recommendation, the patient makes one request.

"I would like to have the heart of a banker," he says.

"Why?" asked the doctor.

"Because it has never been used," answers the patient.

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