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Re: Moderator Note : For the record

You are entitled to believe whatever you want. It makes absolutely no difference to how the forums are moderated.

We can agree that people who have been the subject of moderator actions often don't see that they've broken any rules.   Again, what they believe has absolutely no relevance to the moderation process. It's just their personal opinion of themselves.

> it would be impossible for a mere member to make that point, because it is likely that their posts would be removed for violating the 'no talking about moderation rule'

Actually there are quite a lot of posts in this thread alone talking about the subject of moderation at a general level.  It's specific moderators and specific actions that are off limits.  If we were not to take this view then every time e.g. a troll was banned we'd get an endless number of new threads from other trolls wanting to "debate" whether it was "fair" or "unfair".  The forums would become completely useless to the general members who want to simply discuss photography.  That's who the forums are run for.  Just them.

Members have even been able to debate with moderators from various forums in this and other threads.  In fact members have often had discussions with Simon Joinson ( DPR's head honcho ) without being instantly mashed into the ground.

So we're some way off an oppressive dictatorship, IMO.  You're all free to form your own view.

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