Panasonic 25mm F1.4 troubles

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Panasonic 25mm F1.4 troubles


I hope to get some comments or opinions on the following problem.

I hoped to use the 25mm lens in low light conditions with F1.4. Many people have said it is a sharp lens. However, reviews also admit that sharpness only covers the full frame from F2.8 onwards.

I have found that the lens is essentially useless for me unless stopped down to F2.8.


My use case is full body shots of people. Which means that the eyes are near the top of the frame. Which means that they are always blurred in an extremely ugly way, unless stopped down to F2.8.

This has caused me much grief.

Currently I have to use my Sony NEX camera with its excellent 35mm F1.8 lens, because that is in fact sharp across the frame at F1.8 and does not have to be stopped down.

I am sooo hoping for an Oly 25mm F1.8 lens!! I'd rather have a truly sharp F1.8 lens than a lens that pretends to be F1.4 but really cannot be used wide open, unless you put the people's eyes in the middle of the frame, which is rare for full body shots of people.

And for portraits, of course, there are phantastic lenses from 45mm to 75mm. So I haven't used the 25mm lens in a long time. No use for it. It's a shame.

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