Brand New D800E Autofocus Problem...What's Your Opinion?

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Re: Brand New D800E Autofocus Problem...What's Your Opinion?


I received a replacement body via UPS this morning.  I tested it with a 14-24mm, 28-300mm, and 16mm fisheye.

The body appears to be perfect with the 28-300mm and 16mm.  With the 16mm, viewfinder focus is tack sharp and sometimes even a tiny bit sharper than live view, and all the 28-300mm tests show identical sharpness.

However, the 14-24mm gave similarly soft results again, and upon further inspection of its live view exposures, I noticed that the left side of the images is consistently soft.  The 14-24mm is supposed to be remarkably sharp across the frame, and the results I saw were very soft on the left, sharp in the center, and somewhat soft on the right.  There was a definite difference between left and right sides, and this was visible on all bodies that the lens was used with.

Apparently the 14-24mm has a tilted or decentered element and I may have needlessly exchanged bodies while assuming the 14-24mm was suitable for focus testing.  Or, maybe it accentuated the left focus issue of the previous body.  In any case, I'll send in the 14-24, and keep the body I just received.

Otherwise I'm happy as a clam with this D800E and can't wait to put it to use in the field.


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