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Re: Moderator Note : For the record

sjgcit wrote:

Posts are deleted and members banned from Open Talk. We try to minimize the bans and even the deletions but there are always people who won't behave within the rules.

As most people will not be aware of how bans work, I'll explain briefly that moderators can issue either a seven day ban or a permanent ban. This can be modified by admins ( usually without our knowledge ) if they feel so inclined.

Posts in this thread have also been deleted because a very small number of members seem unable to accept that there are rules and they are not immune. Bans are an inevitable consequence for the more obstinate ones who ignore warnings.

Arguing, making demands and even abusing moderators by PM is also something a small number of people regard as acceptable for them. It's not acceptable to moderators and as the more sensible among you will realize, we do take action against the ones who won't use Feedback to complain but just decide to attack or troll moderators. We're not punching bags and we're not going to be.

The issue with this is that you get to put your take on the reason for the removals that you are telling us about, while the people that you talk about cannot, since their posts will be removed and they may possibly be banned for violating the 'no talking about moderation' rule. Some people may think that this is a one sided state of affairs.

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