Will the D600 be updated soon?

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Leave the sighs to us Steve.

You obviously haven't had the experience we had/still have.

Some of my friends (5 to be specific) have bought a d600 in May. One actually at beginning of June. All but one had the shutter replaced by now, two of them twice!!, and still get bugged by oil. All latest serial numbers from Europe.

The fun thing is Nikon intitially said most of these bodies were not affected. Yet the oil was dripping off the sensor. Nikon must have had an idea which serial numbers were affected (...by dust or not).

So these cams came back from an internal clean up and a clean swap of the sensor at first. When the issue returned within a couple of 100 frames, Nikon responded with "send it in, we will fix it". Now why would they say that...? They weren't affected, were they?
After fixing one and sometimes two shutters, the game is on again. It happens, really. And do not count on Nikon. My friends are begging for a replacement or a refund...no responsebut: "send it in please".

I admit in most cases the dust issues are solved with replacing the shutter. But not the oil issue. If it wasn't for this, I would immediately trade in my D7100 for a third d600 (yes I tried again too). Because in too many aspects, the D600 is soo superior to the d7100. Even the poor AF of the D600 is mostly just a story. Even in crop mode compared to the cropped d7100 seonsor (I know some d7100 lovers will disagree).

They may have reduced the rate of affected d600's, but they surely did not solve the entire issue. Until then, I will keep a couple of euros in my pocket and wait for a d610 or whatever comes with this great sensor.


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