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Re: Thanks to everyone !!

Yes you are correct about the original post, I needed to apply text to an object that was at an angle. Such as the face of the washing machine, the panel with the controls leans at about a 30 degree angle and I wanted to apply correct/add/replace the lettering on the controls. The text would need to get smaller at the top and be larger or normal at the bottom simulating the top of the letters were farther away therefore smaller. This creates a problem on my part trying to make it look convincing. The letters must be smaller but not crowded inward. This takes a bit of everything, skewing, distort etc etc. Very much a judgement call on ones own skills. Thus my question for a tool that would surround the text and create all these efects by tilting the top/bottom of the text doing all the work for me. That is when I thought this to be well within the ability of cs6 but left out.

A lot of the conversation was about simple warp,  I needed the effect to make the appearence of leaning backward and forward.

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