What does the 85mm f1.8 offer apart from portraits?

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Event coverage

While 50-70% of my usage ends up in the portrait category, I also find the 85mm focal length good for event coverage. In a wedding reception, I can stand at moderate distance and capture those PJ moments that are happening all around me. The large aperture also helps when you're shooting in ambient light. I use 85mm for concert/stage performance coverage, too, when I'm somewhat close to the stage and want to isolate a subject. Again, large apertures do nicely for me there.

Any lens can be used for just about anything with a little creativity and vision. Sometimes it's good to head out with "the wrong lens" for a given type of photography and force yourself to make good shots. The 85 could be used for landscape photography if you select the right subjects and composition. Again, all a matter of creativity and vision.

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