Post-shooting Beginner Advice Needed - JPEG vs RAW

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Re: Post-shooting Beginner Advice Needed - JPEG vs RAW

Thanks for this information. My camera behaves the same. But the problem i'm having now is the reason this thread is in "Mac Talk"! I'm using Aperture 3 and what it does is it crops the imported photos to the 16:9 ratio. This is ratio i saw when i took the photo of course but not the ratio i saw in the LCD preview, which as you said is the full 4:3 ratio. I'm wondering if i could somehow obtain this original 4:3 photo. I have read about this and it seems that Aperture 3 is cropping the photo based on the EXIF info, which presumably states the 16:9 aspect ratio. This means the photos in Aperture don't look the same as those displayed in the LCD screen. Going forward i will bear this behaviour in mind but now I'm wondering if there's a way to stop the automatic cropping and obtain both views for RAW.

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