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Volume Anamorphosis

Sounds like you are referring to volume anamorphosis.

A photograph of a building taken with the sensor parallel to the target will yield an image with parallel vertical lines. In actual fact the vertical lines converge due to perspective. To maintain parallel lines in the image rectilinear lenses magnify the image near the edges.

While this is desirable when photographing buldings, it's less desirable when taking pictures of people. In this case you may find that individuals near the edge of an image in a group shot may have large odd-shaped heads! This is especially true when using extreme wide-angle lenses.

DxO Viewpoint has facilities for correcting this type of distortion. You can also try using the Free Transform tool in Photoshop. To correct this distortion in Photoshop do the following:

  • Select > All (Ctrl-A)
  • Edit > Free Transform (Ctrl-T)
  • Edit > Transform > Warp (choose the Warp button in Options bar)

Then drag the lines to compress/expanded regions as needed.

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