Nikon D600 or Canon EOS 6D - which is best in (my) real world

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Re: Nikon D600 or Canon EOS 6D - which is best in (my) real world

I just went thru this a few months ago, testing both cameras before settling on a D600. Both are great cameras, but what did it for me was the higher dynamic range on the Nikon, and the 100% viewfinder coverage. I cant' stand having to guess at what is going to be in the edges of the frame, as it takes a lot of time having to recompose and shoot again, or crop in PP. It's really sad that Canon chose to limit the 6D without 100% coverage.

That and dpreview's own review here tells of some fine-detail smudging and noise reduction in the 6D jpegs, something to consider if that's what you shoot most.

I'm might also recommend a third party f2.8 standard zoom instead of the kit lens though, if bokeh is important to you as you mentioned.

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