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Re: LR built-in corrections no good?

richardplondon wrote:

Curious: in what way is Lightroom's own perspective adjustment insufficient - have you tried this? I find it excellent, especially in that it is nondestructive and fully integrated with the profiled lens geometry corrections.

My problem occurs when the distorted parts of the image on the left and right of the photo are not at the same distance from the camera. When that happens the "lean" of those parts of the image are not the same and the attempt to correct the distortion for one part of the image is either too much or too little for the other part of the image. When I have an issue like that I have only been able to properly adjust for both when I use something like the distortion functionality in PhotoShop.

My immediate response to a comment like that would be that someone needed to do a more thoughtful job of composing the image, but that is not always possible and not always desireable.

I assume you will understand what I am saying but I can, of course, post some images to explain more clearly if you wish.

Most importantly there's no need to commit your current edits into any external file... which would be the case with a plugin, or external utility such as PTLens. So all your other adjustments remain live and reversible.

Yes, but all of my images are shot in raw so, in a sense, all of my adjustments are non-destructive.

With LR5 there are some new options to auto-straighten verticals only, both verticals and horizontals, or Auto restricts itself to "conservative" strength corrections only.

I have tried to correct this sort of thing in LR4 without success, but I will try LR5 to see if the new functionality helps.

Manual perspective adjustments have been in LR for a couple of years or so.

Yes, and I have used LR4 for a long time. But the perspective functionality in LR4 was never able to fix this kind of issue. Of course, perhaps I am misusing it.

The sliders are located in Lens Corrections / Manual tab. You get rotation, vertical tilt. horizontal tilt, scale - and an option as to whether LR should auto-crop / leave alone areas where the canvas boundary is exceeded.

Yes. I know.

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