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Relationship of Moderators to DPReview

I find it interesting that DPReview members acting as "moderators" make statements in posts on DPReview forums that at times appear on their face to be statements regarding DPReview company policies - yet at the same time it is the case that they are in actuality only stating what amount to their own personal viewpoints and opinions.

This is made very clear in the "Digital Photography Review Conditions of Use", where one finds:

We do not assume or have any responsibility or any liability for the readers' comments or opinions, nor do we claim ownership or copyright that belongs to the original poster.


While "DPReview.com Forums Rules" refers to "our moderators", it has also been stated by DPReview that "moderators" do not officially "speak for the site", and do not "speak for the business":

Simon Joinson wrote:

... I think you're trying to use our boilerplate T&C text to suggest we don't take responsibility for the actions of our moderators.

We do.

They have been given the authority to act (in a limited capacity) on our behalf in the forums. They do not, however officially speak for the site, nor would they profess to. But do not mistake 'not speaking for the business' for 'not acting with authority'.

Simon Joinson, Editor-in-chief


When a person "acts with" (any form of designated) "authority" (whether or not any form of consideration is provided in return for services rendered), then those designated persons, in doing so, are constructively "speaking for the business".

I believe that it is not possible to "have it both ways". Any and all "speaking" that such persons do within a venue where they possess an authoritative capacity constitutes a form of "speaking for the business". An active "player" in a game cannot be re-labelled a "spectator" merely when deemed convenient. Doing so is the epitome of what is meant by the phrase "cognitive dissonance" ...

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