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Re: Reasonable Questions to Ask ...

Detail Man wrote:

... What is actually motivating these people to allegedly "work for free" ?

A DPReview Post Dated: September 30, 2011

Re: Who wants to be a moderator?

Simon Joinson wrote:

If you're interested in becoming a dpreview.com admin ...

... It's not paid, but we'll find a way to make it worth your while

Simon Joinson, Editor


"Consideration" for services rendered does not have to be monetary in nature to establish a reciprocal relationship. "Consideration" can be represented by anything of tangible value provided to the "moderator/admin" in any form in return for their time and efforts invested.

What specifically is transferred by DPR to "moderator/admins" in order to make it "worth their while" ?

Ha, I forgot about that! So far there really has been nothing to make it worth our while save personal satisfaction for helping create higher quality forums. Maybe I should bring it up again and see if we can't get a free shirt out of it or something. Too funny!

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