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Re: Not so sure

Mako2011 wrote:

AllMankind wrote:

Simon Joinson wrote:

actually this isn't true either. We reply to feedback emails using the email address you put in the feedback form. Which is why I get annoyed when i take the time to reply and discover I'm trying to send an email to 'dontbotherreplying@yousuck.con'

Ok, that's different. If someone gives you an email address (as in feedback), then you have a valid complaint.


But, if you email a user over some issue and use the email they registered with, instead of a PM, then what I said is valid. In this case, I think a PM is the better choice.

Not so sure. The feedback form does not appear to be linked to ones member account. It seems to be like sending an anonymous E-mail and if you don't fill in the correct member name and E-mail then no way too contact you. There may not be a way to confirm the member name you put in the form is actually correct. If the admins see the feedback in a E-mail like program...seems more reasonable to respond with an E-mail then going over to the PM system and looking you up. Interesting.

There is a way to correlate the name and/or email to an existing user.  It would be fairly simple for the feedback script to do.  But I suspect you are right that the admins get the feedback in their email so it's easier for them to respond to that feedback through email.

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