What does the 85mm f1.8 offer apart from portraits?

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Re: What does the 85mm f1.8 offer apart from portraits?

tamasine wrote:

Hi folks – I’m hoping you can give me some advice please.

My current kit comprises:


18-35G - I use this for landscapes, architecture

50 f1.8G - for general photography

70-300 VR - errr..portraits

I feel I'm missing a lens somewhere. I considered the 28 f1.8 and the Sigma 35 f1.4, but with the 18-35G I don't feel I would use those (28 + 35) focal lengths enough (I'm not really into street photography where I guess they come into play).

This brings me to the 85mm f1.8G. Most reviews state it is exceptionally sharp and good value for money. I like a light set up so it would go well with the 18-35G and 50mm as they are both pretty light lenses.

The only thing in the back of my mind is that it seems most people use it for portraits. I don’t really do portraiture that much and when I do, it is with the 70-300.

For those who own an 85mm, if you weren’t going to use it exclusively for portraits, is it still a lens you would choose to use/buy and what could you do with it? Have you taken any of your best pictures with this lens (please feel free to post your pics - it would help me enormously)?



The 85mm 1.8 G is one of my sharpest and most spectacular lenses for image quality. I use it a lot in landscape photography and street work. It isolates subjects so perfectly but also, in landscape work, it does a great job of compressing depth so that certain scenes become more dramatic. It has good edge and corner sharpness, so when you want to focus in the top third of the frame, it's good for that.

In your setup, you don't have any gaps for focal length, but I can guarantee you don't have a lens as sharp as this 85 1.8G. (Maybe the 50mm 1.8).

But if you want to fill out your kit, I would suggest a 60mm 2.8D micro - the newest one. It will replace your 50 most of the time and has much better bokeh and of course gets in for very close macro work.

Hope this helps!



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