Is AutoFocus more practice than manualfocus?

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Re: This should help...

josbiker wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

1. Phase-detection autofocus (even using still targets and center-point only) wasn’t nearly as accurate as contrast detection

2. The contrast-detection autofocus was about as accurate as the most careful manual focusing.

In most cases (especially with the latest M43 cameras) the autofocus is as good as you can get. IMHO, M43 does a noticably better job than the other mirrorless formats I've tried. I love the the touch shutter that will AF on the exact spot you pick and snap the picture in an instant.

I agree but the asking is.... what kind of resolution you get with e.g the 35-100/2.8 lens on a gh3 in in resolutionlines in comparison with e.g. an other combination?

And that must be clarified by testers and reviewers?

So i need a figure.

Why do you think resolution changes because of the way you focus?  Clearly it may if a subject is out of focus, but since CDAF and manual focusing are very accurate, that should not matter.  Other factors such as movement, in-lens IS, shutter shock, etc. can matter.

Are you asking how much being slightly out of focus affects resolution?

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