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Re: Thanks to everyone !!

AFAICT, there are two distinct concepts colliding in this thread:

  • Typographically distorting text in various ways "on the flat" - which can be done using standard of text transform options, including skew, aspect ratio changes and so on.
  • Taking your text artwork (whether typographically distorted, or left alone) and then perspective-warping it so that it conforms pictorially to a surface represented in a photograph (which was not straight-on to the camera).

For example, putting a sign on the side of a truck.

When text is still an editable layer, that restricts and complicates the methods you may use, though the "Smart Object" tip is a good one because the text is in effect then treated as if it was a pixel layer. Or, one can just render the text layer down to a standard pixel layer -  when we are sure the text wording or typography is not going to change further.

But with standard PS perspective warping (Extended features aside), there is nothing to stop the 3d-mapped item from also getting distorted in its appearance - and that is where some kind of a "3d lock" would be helpful.

So perhaps the OP is, more, seeking a 3D transform tool - with an interface that lets you rotate and translate and scale the object within a simulated physical 3D space... of the right angle-of-view, and the right optical axis location.

The Vanishing Point tool does much of this. One can IIRC paste or clone flat artwork automatically onto a (perspective converging) surface defined from cues within the photograph. Flat planes only, though.

AFAICT, PS Extended's 3D tools will let you model (say) a cylinder form, orbit it into the right apparent 3D angle and locaiton, and then sapply and dynamically manipulate some flat artwork that gets mathematically "wrapped" onto the apparent surface of that.

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