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Re: Wife and her horse

Digirame wrote:

That's a good looking photo. I know you from the Olympus DSLR forum. How long have you been using the Canon camera? How do you like it? I've been pretty happy with the Canon T2i (550D) cameras for about a year and a half, considering that I'm still using the kit lenses and shooting JPEGs. I look at other lenses and so forth, but I'm in no hurry to get more gear. But I look at them a lot, although. I'd like to get another telephoto lens, maybe the fixed 400mm L lens, rather than the 100-400mm L lens for wildlife. But I got a ways to go before I've saved enough for that. So, I'm taking my time...taking lots of pictures in the meantime.

I've had Canon gear for quite some time... Just haven't been using it much.

I bought into the Olympus cameras because I got VERY tired of cleaning sensors..

I have a bunch of lenses for Canon or adapted for Canon, so with no new Oly DSLR in sight I spent some small change on a very new (used) T1i..  Im very happy with it, and will be using it a LOT!

I need to find my favorite lens (f2.8 135mm CZ Yashica/Contax mount) Its in a box someplace with the Canon adapter on it!

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