Is AutoFocus more practice than manualfocus?

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Re: Is AutoFocus more practice than manualfocus?

rrr_hhh wrote:

josbiker wrote:

In most cases i used the autofocus (97%) of my camera/lens and NOT the resolution in manual mode and/of on a tripod mode shown in TESTS and Reviews!

Because the combination lens/camera is the factor that counts and not the labour circumstances with the best lens on a tripod.

So the quality (resolution) that one can received in AUTOFOCUS counts.

So in my opinion is autofocus quality much more important.

Who think in the same way or not?


When you want sharp pictures, the sharpest you can get, then many factors can come into play; focusing isn't the only one, although it is important. The main elements coming into play are :

  • a sufficient resolution of the sensor for the size at which you want to display the picture (nowadays not a problem for most cameras available and for the usual print sizes, can be a problem with smartphones however)
  • a good lens which is able to use all the resolution offered by the sensor
  • a well focused camera/lens, whether manually, if you have a good sight or using AF. The good news with MFT is that the system is using the contrast detect method, so there is no front/back focus problems
  • enough DOF for the scene you want in focus (unless you plan to play with shallow DOF)
  • a steady camera (different solutions available : tripod is the best, but you can also just make sure that you are using a fast speed, at least twice the focal length plus one stop to be sure; the longer the lens, the fastest the speed you need; or stabilization.. and avoid critical speeds creating shuttershock)
  • a speed which is fast enough to freeze your subject (unless you want to play with motion).

As you can see there are many elements to take into account if you want a sharp picture. Speed and avoiding unwanted motion are just as important as AF when you want to make the most of your lens sharpness and sensor resolution.

I agree with all your points made.

Because I know that! Because most of us know that! When all that is right I like to know the figure of the auto focus and the reviewers and testers failed to do that.


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