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Re: Einstein E640W Strobe

montygm wrote:

I have read that it's smaller cousins the Alien Bees have some minor issues with hot spots, and reddish colour casts and also some inconsistency with colour. Would also like to hear your personal opinion on it as well if you are happy with the light quality or any thing else for that matter.

I do not have an Einstein, but I do have 6 Alien Bees.

Any hot spots, or for that matter color cast, is likely to be a function of the light modifier you use than the light itself.

In my case I have zero issues with color being inconsistant or having any kind of a color cast.  I used to use umbrellas, but now I mainly use the large PLM and direct lighting with scrims.

My overall experience with Paul C. Buff is that they are an excellentt company that make very good products at good prices.  I also like their CyberSync RF triggers.  Very reliable.

Finally, their service is second to none.  This is important if you ever need a unit repaired.  Repair prices are more than reasonable and turn around is quick.

Some of my Alien Bees are over 10 years old, and still going strong.

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