DSLR user impressed with GF5/20mm 1.7 as second camera

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Re: DSLR user impressed with GF5/20mm 1.7 as second camera

alcelc wrote:

Thanks for the excellent photo.

Regarding the remark in the last picture, I'm afraid that it may not be true. Generally MFT lenses should be quite good at their widest open, best stopped down 1 or 2. Diffraction would kick in from f/8 ~ f/11 onward. So, it is just the opposite to FF/APSC lenses that they are generally at their best around f/8 or f/11.

Yeah, it works effectively as a counterpart to the crop factor - the more you crop the image, the more diffraction issues will become apparent.

Where you may have worked to a rough upper limit of f22 on a FF SLR, on a crop sensor SLR you are going to be limiting it closer to f16, and on a four thirds to somewhere around f11 - if you take it to the extremes many small chip compact cameras with manual control won't allow you to use an aperture tighter than f8, and if you go the opposite way up to a medium or large format system then you may easily find yourself tightening the aperture even further for depth of field (while still retaining quality).

As for the shots and the GF5, that is pretty much exactly why I bought my GF2 and for those purposes it is absolutely superb. I will admit to a preference for the optical viewfinder of my SLR in certain situations, but for all the times I don't want to be carrying around the bulk of an SLR and large lenses mft is king.

I have enjoyed mft to the point I am debating whether it is worth upgrading the SLR body or trading in the Canon gear for a more rounded mft setup... (sadly given the price difference between the Canon 10-22mm and the Olympus 7-14mm, it looks like I won't be able to afford a switch anytime soon)

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