DSLR user impressed with GF5/20mm 1.7 as second camera

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Re: DSLR user impressed with GF5/20mm 1.7 as second camera

alcelc wrote:

trespassing wrote:

I'd heard diffraction kicks in beyond f/4 on m4/3 but I personally found f/5.6 sharper overall and the added DoF on this shot helped also

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Regarding the remark in the last picture, I'm afraid that it may not be true. Generally MFT lenses should be quite good at their widest open, best stopped down 1 or 2. Diffraction would kick in from f/8 ~ f/11 onward. So, it is just the opposite to FF/APSC lenses that they are generally at their best around f/8 or f/11.

Thanks for that, that's very useful to know and I shall bear that in mind next time. Hopefully then my f/5.6 should have been appropriate enough to gain DoF while still avoiding diffraction. Thanks again, Matt

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Student in Brighton, UK

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