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Reasonable Questions to Ask ...

I myself am finding it rather hard to believe that so many people would evolve and express what (to me) seem like some rather convoluted logical arguments expressed in monotonic support of this "community moderation" system as it has come to exist merely on the basis of a sense of a personal emotional satisfaction gained in playing a part in the execution of actions of which they themselves often attest they possess little meaningful discretionary authority in, and as well often often portray as being essentially a "thankless" occupation where it comes to the sentiments of those affected. What is actually motivating these people to allegedly "work for free" ?

A DPReview Post Dated: September 30, 2011

Re: Who wants to be a moderator?

Simon Joinson wrote:

If you're interested in becoming a dpreview.com admin ...

... It's not paid, but we'll find a way to make it worth your while

Simon Joinson, Editor


"Consideration" for services rendered does not have to be monetary in nature to establish a reciprocal relationship. "Consideration" can be represented by anything of tangible value provided to the "moderator/admin" in any form in return for their time and efforts invested.

What specifically is transferred by DPR to "moderator/admins" in order to make it "worth their while" ?

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