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Re: D300 vs D200 surprising results


Apologies if someone has mentioned this already as I haven't read all of the post. My take on things is that any test comparing one camera against another at the same settings is not really going to produce valid results.

If one D300 was compared against another D300 under a controlled environment: at the same settings, same lens, same light conditions, etc - and the results were different, then I would see there being an issue, but comparing different cameras against each other at the same settings is more likely to give misleading results as it should be the photographer's job to choose the best settings for the intended shot and based on how the camera is 'tuned'.

I also feel that comparisons tend to reinforce that the 'camera' is making the photo, rather than the photographer.

I hope this isn't coming across in the wrong way as I am not meaning it in any negative way against what you have written, or the work you have put into the test. I know that so many sites (including this one) often compare one camera against another using the same settings in each - and I have never understood the real point of such testing as it doesn't really say much about how a camera 'can' perform - it just shows that one camera has different 'default settings' than another.



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