I never sell camera equipment because...

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Guy Parsons
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Tom Caldwell wrote:

Works both ways - these oldies can manage with mobile phones that are just phones and we are now being upgraded in reverse with superseded mobiles (grin).

Hi Tom, yes this reverse cycling works. My wife inherited an iPhone3 a while back from son-in-law who needed "something better". She finds it useful for storing addresses and shopping lists, also makes the odd phone call with it. She was mainly given it so we see grandkids' photos via some dopey Apple application as the "new generation" is too darn lazy to send/answer emails now.

As for selling the camera off when they are still quite useful to get the best price. Well the maths might be individually case by case but my guess that regularly churning over new gear in the short term when the depreciation is highest might be more expensive that keeping one effective camera over a longer period until it is not worth very much at all before replacing it - and maybe using the old one as a door stop.

Keep things going for a long time does work, my Subaru wagon is now over 13 years old and still going as well as new (touch wood), but cameras maybe 4 or 5 years before new stuff desirability rules. The Ricoh R3 (bought Feb 2006 think) is still used occasionally for the odd casual macro. It still delivers in excellent fashion.

If a camera is churned in the early stages someone has bought it and it will surely end up as land fill none the less no matter how many people have owned it.

Very likely, but in my case it ends up as drawer fill and won't become land fill until we fall off the twig.

Regards...... Guy

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