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Re: I think that is a bad idea

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

AllMankind wrote:

In my opinion... (please NOTE I said 'IN MY OPINION')...

Also in my opinion, as a moderator for the Sigma forum and long time user of DPReview...

a: Moderators should NOT be allowed to post comments as regular USERS.

b: Every moderator should have TWO accounts. Their Moderator account, and a regular user account.

c: If logged in as a moderator, a moderator should MODERATE and not be allowed to post user comments. If a mod wants to post comments, he/she MUST login as a regular user.

d: When logged in as a USER a moderator would NOT have any moderator powers and would not even be identified as a moderator.

These I all see as a really bad idea. You want to make it very clear that someone posting as a user is also a moderator, so that abuses of moderation are more clear if they occur. You should not in any way hide who is a moderator.

Now I would say, perhaps it's better to remove the "Mod" next to the name on every post as that places undue emphasis on the poster being different. The forum moderators are displayed at the top of the forum, that is probably enough.

I give up.

e: No moderator should be allowed to moderate any thread in which he/she has posted as a user.

I kind of agree with sentiment behind this, but you cannot handcuff a moderator like that just because he wants to also participate in a discussion. What if (this actually happened to me) some user posts a reply directly to the admin that is nothing but childish trolling, complete with personal attack? Should the moderator really have no power to remove that just because they are a moderator posting?

f: No thread/post should be deleted unless agreed to by admin. In other words, no moderator should have the power to delete a thread or post without approval of DPR admin.

Simply not scalable, it removes the whole point of having community forum moderators. The upper level admins should only have to review the appeals, not every moderator action.

g: No moderator should have the power to ban a user. Again, the banning of a user should require admin approval and NOT be the sole discression of a single moderator.

There has to be some way for moderators to stop a destructive poster from wrecking a forum without having to monitor the contents every second. Bans can and should be reviewed when they occur, as they should be rare.

Unfortunately, DPR has become pablum for the masses, where only the lowest common denominator is acceptable.

I see the opposite, where the lowest common denominators are forced to go elsewhere because they cannot lower discussion here.

One point of moderation (here) is to elevate the level of discussion, by keeping communication as civil as possible.

Civil is fine.  Over moderated (as it current is) is not.

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