I never sell camera equipment because...

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Re: Try selling a vhs player or i386 computer

Just Having Fun wrote:

Why would you expect electronics to hold their value?

Camera bodies end up in landfills while lenses last decades.

With respect, this might not be the OP point. I am in a similar viewpoint.  I keep my gear.  If it is any good I still use it from time to time and I am always somewhat surprised by their tiny outlandish lcd screen and small files produced but at the same time I am often equally surprised at the viewable quality that this old gear can still produce.  Sensors and things march on but a good picture is always a good picture.

I look at the depreciated value of these things and say "well they are worth more to me personally than the two bits the market will pay me".  So it is not always a consideration of whether they should be junked but more is it worth the bother to sell for a pittance.

Happily I have a few (long suffering) kids that are quite happy to use my old camera gear and I would rather give them a camera or three rather than suffer the garage sale that would otherwise arise.

Works both ways - these oldies can manage with mobile phones that are just phones and we are now being upgraded in reverse with superseded mobiles (grin).

As for selling the camera off when they are still quite useful to get the best price.  Well the maths might be individually case by case but my guess that regularly churning over new gear in the short term when the depreciation is highest might be more expensive that keeping one effective camera over a longer period until it is not worth very much at all before replacing it - and maybe using the old one as a door stop.

If a camera is churned in the early stages someone has bought it and it will surely end up as land fill none the less no matter how many people have owned it.

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