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Biggs23 wrote:

lenshoarder wrote:

My suggestion that mods only moderate forums they don't participate in solves these problems. They can participate in the forums they are passionate about. They can moderate in the forums they are inpartial about. What's the problem with that?

Oftentimes there are trolls that frequent specific forums. Their actions individually do not rise to the level needed to take action but their collective posts, when you know their history, make it evident that action needs to be taken. A mod who is a regular reader of that forum would be able to view the poster's history rather than just a single complained about post.

However, if you demand that a mod only moderate forums they have no interest in what will happen is that they will just bop in, look for complaints, take care of the brutally obvious ones, and leave the trolls to run wild because they will have no history to work with.

Removing spam but allowing rampant trolling, is that what you'd like to see?

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Those same "trolls" would have many compaints logged against them.  So by simply looking at that history it would be easy to spot a "troll".  This would be fairly subjective if the complaints came in from a variety of users.  A moderator that participates in a forum would have a bias.  One person's "troll" is another person's truth teller.  It all depends on one's perspective.  A mod that actively participates in a forum would have his/hers own biases.  Thus their determination of a "troll" would be subjective depending on their point of view.  I would venture to say that someone a mod classifies as a troll would have a different point of view than the mod.

As an aside, I find your signature ironic.  By the fact that DPR made you a mod, your opinions do represent DPReview.  They made you their representative.  Such is the color of authority.

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