The FUTURE of Nikon 1 (reliable source)

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Re: Yes, he sounds really like a reliable source... the more drunk the more reliable...

olyflyer wrote:

IVN wrote:

Yesterday I've had a lengthy conversation with a friend of a coworker's cousin, who got drunk with a janitor working at Nikon several weeks back. Here's what he had to say:

- Nikon will announce a Micro lens "soon". Expect it to be around 30-40mm f/2.4, or something like that.

- A faster standard prime is in the pipeline, a 18.5mm f1.4, which will be introduced after the Micro.

- At present market demand for a faster constant aperture standard zoom is being gauged. Since it's in the earliest stages of development (concept phase), don't expect it anytime soon.

- There is no fast tele zoom in the works, because FT1 and available Nikkor teles already serve that purpose. Rather expect a longer tele zoom with smaller aperture. Something like a 70-300 on a APSC camera.

- The next V will have better low light performance, but the main improvements will be an even faster burst mode and operation (faster low-light AF) and better video capabilities. But we already knew that thanks to the aptima announcement.

- More powerful and capable flash is in the works. Think of a SB700 for the V. Currently there are no plans to make N1 compatible with the existing lighting system. Nikon doesn't seem to think that a set up of large flashes makes sense on such small bodies.

"A lengthy conversation with a friend of a coworker's cousin, who got drunk with a janitor..."

Sounds like a very important information which we really have to take seriously since the source is very reliable. The more drunk the more reliable, especially if the information comes from Serbia, where the Nikon future is decided...

Sorry, I have had no conversation about Nikon with any drunk or sober person lately, but I must make you disappointed. Nikon has it's marketing and development center in Japan and only a handful people knows about the future plans, they are all far away from both you and me and other bloggers and rumor creators, they don't get drunk and reveal company secrets, risking their jobs and future income. That's not the way adults behave in any serious company.

Anyway, thanks for the laugh.

You should not be so cynical. Have a little faith.

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