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Re: sx40

The SX40, and probably most all EVF cameras, are slow if you are used to shooting with an Optical viewfinder camera like most DSLRs. However, it is just noticeable, not a a big deal once you get used to shooting with the SX40 (or 50).

I assume you are talking about focus lag time in the above paragraph. If you are talking about lag time between pressing the shutter release and when the picture is taken, I don't notice that in my copies.

I use the 7D and 5DIII. I bought my SX50 after I bought them and after owning the SX40 already knowing the limitations and advantages of an EVF camera. The SX40 (50) superzooms are welcome additions for me when I use them in situations suitable to them. BIF for example are pretty much out of the question. But most wildlife still shots are excellent.

Also, I find myself using the Macro mode when I need a quick hand-held shot.

Bluebird Nestlings

It is a great multipurpose camera and the more you use it the better it gets.

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