My God, its so hard to decide!

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Re: My God, its so hard to decide!

AllBrands wrote:

PON307G wrote:

Personally I think you would do very well to purchase a Pentax K-30, or K-5. Purchase what you can afford, and apply yourself as you have with your XZ-1. With so many K-series (manual focus) lenses available at great prices you shouldn't need the lottery to achieve what you want.

I own a K5 (and a K7) along with a wide range of lenses and I can't imagine endorsing the K-mount to anyone. When Pentax was a value leader in reasonably priced bodies and lenses a decade ago, sure. But I paid $1k for a K7 which is now worth $250. Two years later, I paid $1k for a K5 which is now worth half that. Still no weather-sealed flash gun. Most of the Pentax lenses that I would want are now priced way beyond my budget and may not hold their resale value anyway. Even Limited-series primes won't be worth much if Ricoh can't keep the K-mount alive.

Manual-focus K-mount lenses? Without focus peaking or a split-screen viewfinder? I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Buy used and save. I paid $800 for a used K7, sold it a year later for $500; but the original owner paid almost $2000 (with tax). Most people who have handled a K5 or K7 say that Pentax has the best ergonomics bar none.

I don't see the K-mount disappearing anytime soon. The limited primes are fabulous in every respect and they hold their value extremely well, but they ain't cheap.  Not a fan of SDM, but it's hard to argue against the DA* optics.  There are many superb legacy lenses that are still relatively cheap, but then you give up AF--which isn't exactly a Pentax strength. I put a Katzeye in mine, but like you said, they could really benefit from MFA and peaking.

Given that the OP wants a camera that can shoot fast moving subjects, he'll have to look beyond Pentax.

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