I never sell camera equipment because...

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Re: I'm the opposite

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Angular Mo wrote:

Admittedly, I was one of the earliest buyers...and have enjoyed my ancient E-P1 camera since the summer of 2009. Yeah, I paid full-price, and am unable to add a view-finder. It still works fine; sure, it is slow to operate.

I just cannot fathom getting only USD 125 for it, if that much.


then again, I have not bought any FT SHG lenses, or anything similar that would have decent nominal (not proportionate to cost) resale value.

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'Photos are what remain when the memories are forgotten' - Angular Mo.

I never keep any gear, especially electronics, because I'm not a collector, and if I'm not using it, it goes before it loses all its value. I have only what I'm currently using, and no more. Otherwise you're stuck with piles of worthless old crap.

This is my philosophy. I have generally sold my photo gear to pay for the new stuff. If you really aren't using it, $125 will pay for part of a new lens or flash. I upgraded from a GF3 to a GX1 when the price dropped. I only got $90 for the GF3 but I treated it as a $90 discount on the GX1. Once I got the GX1 I would not use the GF3, so why keep it? The only thing that would stop me from selling electronics that are being upgraded is the option to pass it along to a family member. I've done that with iPads, iPhones, and computers.

I learned this the hard way. Old electronic gear of any kind is worthless. I have a few old cameras, but they're nostalgia and I use them occasionally, but that's about it. Use it and lose it for all electronics.

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