Which one of this is a best one?

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Re: Which one of this is a best one?

123Mike wrote:

the youngest is almost two, and I'll be running after him 24/7 pretty much minus nappy time. That's when thing 2 will start bugging me of course. That's what I love about the SLTs. It's so easy to capture all that action with it.

That's a lot of fun! Yes you will be running after him, and I agree about the SLTs.

The postman delivered the variable ND filter I ordered, and I want to see what it does. So, the adventure continues.

That'll be neat. You could give rivers, streams, and waterfalls, give that smooth look in broad daylight. I have to get me one of those. What percentage does it darken? Or are there kits with a bunch of them in a pack for like $5 delivered, from China through Ebay these days (lol)...?

That's my hope! And better skies, maybe in concert with my circular polarizer. More testing! I bought a Vivitar 62mm variable nd2-nd1000 from Amazon for about $25. That seemed like the best plan. I was busy today, so maybe I can start testing tomorrow.

ps. you ever use a grey card and do raw processing? My grey card came in but I haven't used it yet.

I have a grey card but I haven't used it in years. And I am all RAW all the time. It's blessing and curse, but I do adore that extra dollop of creative control!

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