Original Nikon MB-D12 D4 battery/charger options?

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Re: Original Nikon MB-D12 D4 battery/charger options?

Thanks for the update - how long did it take to get your DSTE batt?

whoosh1 wrote:

Just wanted to give an update. The DSTE battery (EN-EL18A) I received is working fine in the MB-D12 grip so far.

whoosh1 wrote:

I just bought on ebay (will come next week sometime) a used Nikon MB-D12 grip for easy portrait mode shooting as well as 6 fps for my D800E. Original MB-D12 primarily to be able to use a RRS L plate with the grip. I would like to use either a D4 EN-EL18 battery or a third party EN-EL18 equivalent. Easiest option (which I may do in the end) is to get a D4 charger (close to a ridiculous high cost of nearly $300) & get the original EN-EL18 battery for around $100 more - total cost of $400. Battery cost is not as bad as the Nikon charger cost.

Are you guys aware of any cheaper option - especially this DSTE battery?


Has anyone tried it in the original MB-D12 (not the DSTE)? Any other 3rd party charger options?

Of course I can use the 8 AA batteries - but that may be a little more cumbersome.

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