At 16mm, what's best: 16 pancake or 16-50 kit zoom?

Started Jun 25, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: At 16mm, what's best: 16 pancake or 16-50 kit zoom?

kbrote wrote:

I am in Cusco, Peru for the next four weeks. Will be hiking the Inca Trail in 2 weeks but first will be going to Machu Picchu for 2 days with a study group I am with this next weekend. I have the 16 pancake, the 16-50 zoom, the Sigma 30, Sony 35 1.8, and the 55-210. I do not want to take all these lenses as we will be doing a lot of hiking. I do not want to miss an opportunity either. I will figure out what to do between all the other lenses but I am curious what has better IQ at 16mm, the pancake or the kit zoom? I know they are both small but very inch counts. I would appreciate your thoughts.

Pancake, going by the dictum that prime lenses are better than zooms. I haven't actually used the 16-50mm, though, so I haven't compared them. The difference, if any, is probably so small it's not noticeable.

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