Looking for the best Wifi SD Card for tethering, can anyone recommend an EyeFi alternative?

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Re: Looking for the best Wifi SD Card for tethering, can anyone recommend an EyeFi alternative?

Fashion Photographer wrote:

RL Photography wrote:

Look into the Transcend WiFi card + ShutterSnitch running on an iPad.

Does the Transcend work for laptop tethering?


Are you happy with it?

I don't have one.  I have an Eye-Fi Pro that I no longer use because I now have a Canon 6D.  Just suggesting an alternative based on your requirements that has been well reviewed.

Following your post I just looked at the ShutterSnitch website and they mentioned a couple of other solutions such as the Transcend Wifi, the Toshiba FlashAir and the PQI Air. Has anyone tested these? Pros/Cons?

Ideally I want a solution that will work on tablets and laptops and that will never rely on the manufacturer's servers (long term operability).

Why?  These cards are cheap.  By the time Eye-Fi goes out of business, you won't care because you will be using something else.  This part of the industry isn't fully mature yet, so worrying about long term use of a particular product isn't very productive.  Note that after having an Eye-Fi for a few years, I left them, they didn't leave me.

However, the Eye-Fi Mobi doesn't require any connection to their servers, but I don't think there is software for it for laptops, just iOS and Android mobile devices.

The PQI seems very interesting as you can upgrade the memory and card class (Couldn't find much info though!) but the manual says that when using a browser with the card you need to connect to is that the IP address for their servers or for the card? Is the software for the interface hosted on the card itself or on their servers?

Thanks so much for the help! is a standard address on the local network being generated by the card.

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