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Re: Do you think these techniques

Central Fla wrote:

are an equal match to something that did an actual tilt ??

I think the Free Transform method (with perspective) is the only practicable way with standard Photoshop to change the 3D aspect / angle of one thing (such as some text) interactively, until it matches up with a background image that you need to see at the same time.

However, it is easy to get something looking as if it is stretched out and pinned onto a siurface, but stretched more in one direction than another - it takes some judgement to get this natural.

For example, here's two variations in putting some text onto a surface - which one is "better", the upper or the lower? To me, the lower one is more credible but that's not always a clearcut matter.

At least with CS5 (which I have) the camera correction tool does not let you view any background layer while you are making the adjustments... so that's no good for lining things up this way.

Extended PS (CC is equuivalent to PS Extended not Standard, a fact often missed) includes 3D transform tools which should not suffer from that restriction... and should retain a realistic apparent proportion as you rotate and swim the text around in a virtual space.

Perspective adjustment in the lens correction tool, though, works better IMO when you are changing the perspective of an entire picture. Usually this is a question of getting verticals vertical, and the grid that the tool gives you is all that you are paying attention to.

If you try to use Transform to do the latter kind of job, firstly it is very difficult - and secondly, it is easy to accidentally make all the things in the picture look skinny or fat as a side-effect of fixing a perspective convergence - just like the isolated text in my sample above, but affecting the whole image - IOW, there is no "reality proportion lock".


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