I never sell camera equipment because...

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*Example* Canon 60d has fallen to $589, because 70d is coming

007peter wrote:

I paid $1499 for Canon 30d + 17-85 is and shot for 1 1/2 years. While I love my 30d, I knew I had sell them ASAP before canon release a 40d. I sold my 30d for $800, 17-85is for $400, for a total return of $1200 back in 2007. The $299 price difference is my rental cost for shooting 1 1/2 year. ($1499 - $1200).

I'm glad I ignore DPR forum advice and sold my camera early (even though I like the camera). By 2009, the price of 30d has fallen well below $450. Had I hold on to my 30d as members suggest, I would have taken a substantial lost. After 40d is release, no one is willing to pay more than $600 for a 30d, I'm glad I sold mine for $800 while I still can

Yesterday, I wrote about selling your camera before the new replacement model comes out. Today, I have a perfect example:

Canon 60d (body only) was selling for $899 new, with Craigslist between $600 ~ $800.

But today, you can buy a brand new Canon 60d body for $589 here, That is cheaper than a Canon rebels.

Apparently, someone snap a photo of a Canon 70d box below. With 70d about to be release, Canon 60d used price will take a severe hit. It is better to sell the camera while you still can. After the whole world know about 70d, it will be hard to sell a used 60d for $600 ~ $800 anymore.

Canon isn't immune to severe price drop, whether its Olympus or Panasonic, as technology progress, older models are clearing out at fire sale prices.

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