FireFox 22 - I Advise Staying Away

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Re: FireFox 22 - Thanks for the Suggestion

soloryb wrote:

Win 7 64-bits with Norton 360. FF22 installed but not yet compatible with Norton Vulnerability Protection plug-in. Things will catch up eventually. Don't know about that 'FileType' error message but I suggest trying to install FF22 again. I had to do it twice.

SantaFeBill wrote:

I dl'd and installed FF 22 as an upgrade to 21.

I immediately began to get on most Web sites a 'FileType' error message to the effect that 'xxxx is not a container' or some such.

Also, some Web pages would cause the display driver to continually crash and restart.

Part of Norton Internet Security was also flagged as being incompatible with 22.

Went back to 21. It doesn't exhibit any of these problems.

This is on Win7 32-bit. Win8 and/or 64-bit might be different.

But it's just easier for me to stay with 21 until they get 22 fixed. (I've got a lot on my plate at the moment - we're in the process of moving - and fighting with a buggy browser is bit low in priority right now. )

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