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007peter wrote:

Holding on to high price Electronic is dumbest financial moves any one can make. I recommend the opposite. Buy Low, Sell HIGH

  • Buy Low = never buy brand new camera in its 1st year. Wait a year for 20-30% discount, or buy a 1 year old USED version around 40% discount
  • Sell High = sell your camera before the new model is released
  • If you like your camera, sell 1st, then buy it back later at heavy discount

I'll used myself as an example.

I paid $1499 for Canon 30d + 17-85 is and shot for 1 1/2 years. While I love my 30d, I knew I had sell them ASAP before canon release a 40d. I sold my 30d for $800, 17-85is for $400, for a total return of $1200 back in 2007. The $299 price difference is my rental cost for shooting 1 1/2 year. ($1499 - $1200).

I'm glad I ignore DPR forum advice and sold my camera early (even though I like the camera). By 2009, the price of 30d has fallen well below $450. Had I hold on to my 30d as members suggest, I would have taken a substantial lost. After 40d is release, no one is willing to pay more than $600 for a 30d, I'm glad I sold mine for $800 while I still can.

I used the $1,200 return (from 30d combo) to bought a cheap Canon Rebel XTi for $662.89 in 2007. I shot it for a year, and promptly sold it for $450 before Canon XSi replacement was released. $662.89 - $450.00 = $212.89, a cheap rental cost for 1 year shooting

I do even better with Micro43 camera

  • Bought a used GF2 + 14-42 for just $240.42, use it for 6 months
  • Sold my GF2 + 14-42 for $300, with a $59.52 profit

Two Micro43 manufactures is a double edge swords:

  • [+Positive] several new camera model every year from 2 manufactures
  • [- Negative] very short product cycle = massive discount in just 6 months

The 3 noticeable exception are Olympus E-M5, Panasonic GH2, GH3 which hold on to their value even a year after it was introduced. But for majority of M43 camera body, they have become disposable. I've seen a year old GF3 selling as low as $89. Ouch!

If you have Patience, and willing to give up the bragging right of owning the latest gear, you can save $$ ton of money $$ buying a mint/used M43 at 60-80% discount. Right now, I'm looking at a Panasonic GX1 for $199, shockly cheap for such a high quality camera.

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