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Jamon47 wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

I only update when my requirements change (I want 1080p60 video that my current compact lacks) and a model comes out with the specific features I need. In this model Sony's produced the first camera that has everything I'm looking for. I eager to get my hands on one to see how well it suits me.

I also have an eye on the Rx100 II for both stills and videos. It is a great high end camera. What is holding me down is its 3.6x short zoom reach when shooting video.

When shooting stills the RX100 has Clear Image Zoom and "Extended Optical Zoom" (aka Smart Teleconverter) that deliver near-optical-quality up to 7x (or 14x). That fits my needs as 20-25% of my stills and videos are shot between 4x and 7x. But when shooting video these two magnification options are not available; there is no way to shoot video with near-optical-quality with the RX100 and most probably also with the RX100 II with more than 3.6x zoom. I hope the soon to come RX100 II User Guide will prove me wrong!

It's the same thing with the LX7, not enough zoom reach when shooting video.

If I'm understanding you correctly, I'm happy to say that the RX100 does have CIZ in video. There might not be an option for it in the menu, but it's certainly there, even if you have it disabled for stills like I do. I think they enable it by default since video is always using a crop- even if you don't want your stills auto-cropped by CIZ, there's no harm it having it on in video.

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