What prevents you from moving to a mirrorless camera?

Started Jun 26, 2013 | Polls thread
Glen Barrington
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Let's end this thread now

For those who have complained about the poll infrastructure, I had no part in that. It's not my fault we cant add poll questions after the fact, it's not my fault we cant check multiple selections, and it's not my fault we can't prevent dopes and the terminally irritable from posting. I'm just a user like you, trying out a new feature offered to users. If you got a problem with how the poll feature is set up, take it up with DPR. Complaining to me can yield little in the way of results.

If I didn't ask YOUR question, Sorry!  Create your own poll.

Now lets review the results:

  • Lack of OVF/EVF or other framing issues  22.2% 16 votes
  • The Image Quality just isn't there             9.7%  7 votes
  • Don't like the lens selection                    13.9% 10 votes
  • Too slow to focus or other functional speed issues  20.8% 15 votes
  • No FF                                                 18.1% 13 votes
  • Lack of manual focus or other decent manual controls 2.8% 2 votes
  • they're ugly                                           0.0%  0 votes
  • No one will take me seriously as a photographer. For that, you need a DSLR   4.2% 3 votes
  • They're for women's purses.                      8.3%  6 votes

Can we learn anything from this?  I don't know.

The good news is no one thinks they are ugly and less than 3% worry about the manual controls.

More than 1/5th of the respondents say a viewfinder or some other framing issue is a major impediment to adopting. While almost 1/5th think the lack of Full Frame is a problem for them.  And roughly 20% think the things are just too slow to operate.  Assuming the respondents aren't lying that might mean if the mirrorless manufacturers address those three issues, they might have a chance of capturing a big chunk of those who haven't adopted mirrorless yet.  I wouldn't state that as fact, but certainly, It is something the manufacturers ought to investigate more!

If you add the lens selection and Image quality together, that also adds up to more than 20% of the respondents.  I think it's fair to do that, my reasoning is lenses are a key component of both image quality and 'reach'. To me, that says a large chunk of people simply don't believe they can get the same quality of photo from a mirrorless as something else and/or they will have to work harder to get the same image.

Roughly 11% either think a mirrorless is not a serious camera, or is too 'girly' for them.  Are these respondents jokesters or crackpots?  I don't know, but the manufacturers need to find out who the likely buyers are going to be at this point, and determine if they have an image issue.

I don't think we should be able to add new questions after the fact, that will skew the results.  Everyone should have the same options.  Multiple selections are problematic for simple polls and too hard for amateurs to analyze if they want to.

I also don't think crackpots, dopes and the grumpy should be filtered out.  Over time, you discover who they are; I don't think they significantly affect the results, and who at DPR should be on crackpot patrol anyway?

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