The hills above Napa with my daughter and my new 17mm

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Re: The hills above Napa with my daughter and my new 17mm

Thanks for the feedback.  My daughter is two and moves quickly in unpredictable ways.  I didn’t expect her to dart off of the road we were on and out into the field.  I was happy to have captured her first tromp through high grass.  The tromp was short lived though because she also experienced prickers for the first time.   We spent awhile removing them all from her socks.

On the technical side: I was more worried about motion blur than background blur since she was moving quickly and the wind was blowing the grass around a lot and I was chasing her over uneven ground.  So I’ll stand by my decision to keep the shutter speed fast.  I suppose if I had had more time to think and was faster on the camera controls I would have opened the shutter a little more for more subject isolation.  It was shot at f2.   Or, I might have stopped down and increased the ISO to get more DOF.  In retrospect, the in-between is not ideal.  It’s pretty meaningless in my view since there really was no detail in the distant hills to resolve.  But, everyone’s got an opinion and I’m grateful for the input.

I guess I’m heartened that this minor detail was the only criticism anyone leveled.  My other posts have been excoriated for bad composition, poor focus, and excessive post-processing.  I feel like I’m making great strides.  Thanks.

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