What prevents you from moving to a mirrorless camera?

Started Jun 26, 2013 | Polls thread
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Not necessarily...

I love my OMD, but it's not for everyone, nor is a NEX6, or an XE1, or a V1, or a GH3, or...

If you absolutely must have the absolutely best IQ under all circumstances, a D800 or 5DIII is better. So is a *sigh* M9... For me, the IQ difference between the OMD and those very respectable outfits isn't enough to justify the additional expense and bulk. For others, it is.

If you have a substantial investment in high end glass for a Canon outfit, or Nikon, or Pentax, or Leica, you won't find equvalents for all of them on the mirrorless platforms. You can use Leica M on any of the mirrorless bodies, but if you already have an M9, why bother?

Maybe you like the extra DOF control of a FF sensor, especially if you're into portraits, still life, and street. You can shrink the body, but you can't really shrink the glass for a large sensor.

Speaking of larger glass, even with M43, they haven't been able to really shrink a fast zoom without losing some IQ in the process. Panasonic did an amazing job shrinking their 35-100 F2.8, but it is no match for the ZD 35-100 F2 in the IQ department. One can, in many cases, adapt existing fast DSLR zooms to a micro body, but the result tends to be very clumsy handling, as EOS-M owners are finding when they mount longer L glass, and I found when I put fast ZD zooms on a Pen body. The OMD solves that quite nicely with a battery grip, so does the GH3, but most mirrorless bodies are just too small to comfortably use with larger lenses.

Or maybe you're just comfortable with what you have. If it does what you want, why change?

The EVF seems to be an issue with some. My personal experience is - it's not really an issue. The best EVF's are good enough that you tend to forget they're an EVF after a while.

Personally, I believe that most high end amateurs and enthusiasts would find a micro/mirrorless setup to be a terrific addition to their current kit. But, even with M43's extensive glass collection, it's probably not a full replacement at this time, and may never be for some, depending upon their preferred style.

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